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Image via Wedding heart ©Johann Pidoux

When you get married, you want to have everything perfected. You will have planned every aspect from the morning all the way to the evening and made sure everything is airtight for the big day. It’s not going to be something that takes five or ten minutes to organise – you’re going to have a huge project on your hands. One of the main aspects of a wedding is the photos. You’re going to want to remember such an amazing day in years to come, and it’ll help if you have tangible proof after you begin to forget a bunch of stuff!

Hiring a professional photographer is a given when organising a wedding but, thanks to modern technology, we’re able to stick cameras on top of drones and get some of the most wonderful angles – way more impressive than, say, a six-foot human could do. If you’re getting married and fancy having some amazing shots of the big day, then it’s worth considering something like this. There are obviously hundreds of different and creative shots you could take – let’s look at a few.          

Image via The Church © PerfectMoment Photography

From The Sea

If you’re getting married on a beach or near the sea, it’s a given that you should fly a drone out there if you have one. A shot from the water as it looks onto an amazing landscape is something that only technology can bring you, so why not give it a try if the opportunity arises.

The Mountain Shot

It would be a little silly if you didn’t utilise your surroundings in this instance. If you’re to be wed in a place with a glorious mountain overlooking or if you’re actually getting married on top of one, then you’ve got to fly that sucker out and get yourselves a spine-tingling picture.

Walk On The Rock

It’ll be a little hard to get a traditional photo of something like this, so a drone would be perfect for if you’re looking to get a nice shot of the bride and groom or any other significant members of the party here.

With All The Guests

It’s a pretty common thing to happen. After the ceremony is done and it’s time for the reception, everybody will hop outside or find a big space indoors and have a group photo that consists of the entire party. Traditionally in wedding photography, it’ll all be set up with a camera set in a rigid position with little room to maneuver – with a drone, you can play around with lots of different angles.

The Desert Shot

If you’re getting married in a desert area – Las Vegas, perhaps? Then you’ll want to make the most of this opportunity and get a cool shot of the barren landscape.

The Volcano Extreme Shot

Similarly to the idea of an all-encompassing photo in a mountainous area, if the wedding is someone near, say, a massive scary volcano, then why not do something outlandish? But not too outlandish, dying in this situation would get you absolutely nowhere.  

Image via Photo © PerfectMoment Photography

The Ceremony

The main reason why it’s all happening – the service. The part where two become one. Getting shots of the moment it all happens is essential and what better way to do it than with something unique and special.  

The Rare And Random Poses

As we mentioned before, there are literally thousands of different ideas that you could incorporate into the creativity of wedding photography with a drone at your disposal. Not every shot is going to be a stunner and an award winner, and you could use the drone to your advantage and get some wacky shots of random times during the day.

The Zero Point And Sun

If you want an amazing shot that looks like a legendary artist captured it, then you can hop outside and take a shot of everyone gathered around with the blaze of that big ball of energy as it belted down onto God’s green earth.

With The Bridesmaids And Groomsmen

Finally, we’ll talk about another traditional set of photos. They’re a very important part of the occasion so you’ll want to make sure their photos suit their importance. Similarly to the photos of the entire wedding party, you could utilise a drone to have more creative shots than a typical one. You could have a bird’s eye view short or one that is far away – there are a bunch of possibilities here.  

A drone is fun to use when it comes to executing unique ideas for your wedding photo shoot. Remember to enjoy the moment and be yourself. If you have unique ideas, share it with your photographer. If you are an aspiring wedding photographer who likes to give drones a shot,  remember to check local drone regulations and pay attention to your surrounding to avoid accidents. Don’t forget about the weather conditions, heavy wind or a rainy day can ruin the shot, or it can be part of your shot.

Ms Zebra Says: Drones are such a great way to capture weddings and get SO much more from a cinematography and photography point of view. Thanks for sharing this great insight into using drones to capture your wedding!

Wedding photography expert Jeffrey Wang has his own wedding photography studio in Sydney Perfect Moment Photography. He helped hundreds of couples to capture their love stories and the raw emotions and spirit behinds the weddings. In his free time, he writes about love stories, venues and photography tips for known wedding blogs around the globe.



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