Jessica & Dylan’s Relaxed Adelaide Engagement Photos

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Jessica and Dylan

My home, is my very favourite place in the world and it’s this reason that at home engagement sessions hold a really special place in my heart. For Jessica and Dylan, they wanted photographs to reflect exactly where they are in life, and Tomek Photography delivered. A lazy Adelaide day producing beautiful, comfortable photos that show off how these two relate to one another, their smiles, their laughter, their four-legged friends and their very special bond.Just like much of their relationship,

Jessica and Dylan’s engagement was a mutual decision, Jessica shares “We had a discussion together and decided that we wanted to get married. Neither of us is religious, but family is hugely important to us. We didn’t need to get married to prove our commitment to each other as that was always a given, but sharing the same name as a family was our key driver and getting married was the easiest way to do it.

We picked out a ring together for myself (Dylan chose not to have a wedding ring) and Dylan proposed on a Sunday morning a few weeks later as I woke up. He had gotten up early to get me flowers and a vanilla milkshake (my favourite at the time) and proposed with our fur baby Jimmy in his arms. It was low key and perfect. We spent the day out together with a lovely meal for lunch, followed by a film in the city.”

“We love how totally and utterly comfortable we are with each other – it’s super nice to be in this place with the person you love” tell Jessica and Dylan. “We talk about everything together, we have in-depth discussions regularly which we both love and truly value – we think it is a super important thing for any relationship and love that we can do this together so comfortably.”

“We have been through a lot of testing times together and each of these moments and experiences has brought us closer and we think this is really a testament to our openness and relentless support for each other.”


“Being photographers ourselves, we hugely value having our photos taken, and often” shares Jessica.  “Our two year wedding anniversary had just passed and we had begun our journey to start a family. We knew this was going to be a bit of a journey for us given a couple of issues on my part and I was about to have surgery for it. We felt it was important to document this stage in our journey together, because we knew that although it is difficult at times, it is one of those times we will look back on as being the best years of our lives.”

These two? They’ve been together for years! “We met in high school – I know, how lame! We have been together for 10 years next Feb. We got married on our 7-year anniversary in a very personal elopement with only Dylan’s brother and his partner present!”

After their home session, Jessica and Dylan headed to Port Melbourne, telling “We chose to have them done in our house as well as on location for two reasons – in our home because we love where we live and it is the place we decided to start a family together so this house will forever be special to us, and on location in Port Adelaide because we wanted to give our photographer some creative freedom to capture us how he wanted and where he felt inspired. We picked Tomek because we love his style and we just wanted him to do his thing. Our session was very relaxed and fluid. We got to have a bit of a date-day and just be totally present with each other and now we have some awesome photos as a result of it.”



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