Not ‘Strictly’ Ballroom: Tips & Ideas To Embrace Your First Dance

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Jennifer Lynn, Your Bridal Dance

Image by Nina Hamilton  via Charlotte & Allan’s North West Tasmania Wedding

A little wedding dance preparation goes a long way. Especially If you’re not dancers, or perhaps like many, you think you’re the owner of two left fee. By learning just a few easy partner moves with a teacher, your potentially dreaded first dance will be transformed from awkward and boring to enchanting and extra special!

With dance confidence you’ll be excited rather than mortified to dance when it’s time for the your moment under the spotlight. You don’t need to waste your time watching YouTube to learn a ton of fancy choreographed steps. Plus, the more choreographed the dance, the more lessons, practice and preparation required. If you are beginners, well then as the saying goes, “less is more”.

The most important thing to remember is your first dance doesn’t have to have the “strictly ballroom” look. It fact, that can look awfully unnatural unless you are experienced dancers. And you don’t have to figure it all out yourselves. A great dance teacher should be able to give you the best advice to create a style that feels truly right for you.

Image by Christopher Robert  via Kaela & Anoop’s Elegant City Wedding

You don’t have to sign up for a huge amount of dance lessons – that can be stressful! And who has the time when you are planning a wedding? So, talk to your teacher first and if you have any concerns, try one lesson and then take it from there.

10 Reasons Why Getting Dance Lessons is a Great Idea

  • Dance lessons are the perfect way to enjoy a fun time-out with your fiancé, especially with the overwhelming wedding planning preparations
  • Without dance lessons, you could risk feeling awkward and the ‘treading on toes’ issues – and your first dance won’t be as special as it could be
  • You’ll avoid the nervous and dreaded fear of having to dance with all eyes watching, no pressure!
  • You’ll both be able to dance together with confidence, and you’ll avoid the boring hug-sway shuffle
  • Investing in dance lessons are especially helpful for the Grooms confidence because they often have the bigger role of leading
  • If time is running out and/or you don’t want the stress of having to remember too many steps, go with the super easy approach of a simply-charming first dance
  • Your wedding dance will be an extra-special heartfelt experience. Adding an another layer of magic to your beautiful wedding day
  • Your guests will be delighted and definitely not bored
  • Your photos and videos will be more awesome
  • The memories will live on forever
  • You will have the benefits of knowing how to dance together on future occasions

Left image by  Marie-Luise  via Bonnie & Chris’ Beautiful Montsalvat Wedding: Right Image by Russell Stafford via Kayla & Josh’s Autumn Southern Highlands Wedding

5 Ideas to Spice Up Your First Dance

  • Your song will set the tone and style for your first dance, so choose the one that’s unique to your love story but don’t worry about the length of it. Your DJ can always fade out the song at an appropriate moment
  • If you’re beginners and don’t want too much fuss, then go for a slow ballad and learn a few simple steps, add in a twirl or two, then rinse and repeat
  • For brides that want the non-traditional approach to their wedding dance, choose a fun-whimsical melody or an upbeat song with lyrics that twinkle your heartstrings. Trust in your dance teacher to create some sassy moves that will suit you and your skills
  • The two-song first dance approach can be super fun for the more adventurous by starting out with a starry-eyed slow dance to your favourite love song, and then breaking out into some funky moves to shock and delight your guests. You don’t have to dance for six minutes. Two-three minutes in total should have the crowd on their feet, cheering you on!
  • Spice things up with a bridal lift and/or the famous show stopping bridal dip. But please do take care! You don’t want to risk a stumble at the crucial highlight finale! It’s best to get some professional advice to iron out any potential issues under the spotlight

Image by Jack Jones Photography via Fiona & Philippe’s Elegant Australian Country Wedding

Image by Dan Soderstrom Wedding  via Jules and James’ Rustic and Fun Tanglewood Estate Wedding

Ms Zebra Says: A first dance is so romantic. Great advice to call in the professionals so you don’t go overboard or commit to a dance you won’t nail! 

About Jennifer Lynn: She is an experienced dance teacher, the founder of Your Bridal Dance and The Wedding Dance Academy, her virtual coaching platform. Jennifer’s passion is to transform nervous “two left feet beginners” into confident dancers so they can create an awesome wedding dance experience to add to their special day. Jennifer is honoured by ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Academy) for her “continued service of excellence and contribution to the wedding industry”.


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