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Happy Monday Dotties! We are halfway through the month of all things feast and we’re loving talking about food all month!

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When you look at Georgia Wiggs Photography’s images the first thing that you see are the smiling faces of couples so in love. Then you look more and you see the beautiful natural light, the colours, the interesting backdrops and the softness of her photography style. There is nothing awkward looking or posed in her images, yet she manages to be everywhere at once without encroaching on anyone – capturing all the moments that matter. With words in her reviews such as “personable, friendly, genuine, kind and fun” and to top it all off “amazing, genius and amazing” how can you go wrong with Georgia behind the lens!

We asked Georgia from Georgia Wiggs Photography five questions in five minutes:

What is the most important piece of advice you can give to engaged couples?
Have a think about what’s important to you guys- why you’re doing this, what you want the day to be. Honestly, you can virtually celebrate however you wish, make it a day that reflects both of you as a couple and what you enjoy doing. Don’t get too caught up in what you feel you need to do.

Tell us about a hidden talent you have?
I can touch my foot to my head. It’s not particularly impressive or due to any degree of flexibility, my knees are just a bit strange.

As a vendor, what excites you about the wedding day?
Working with a couple who I get on with SO well that it’s like we’ve been friends for years. Both super comfortable with each other and just having a blast whilst taking a few snaps along the way.

What are you known for?
Probably taking a fairly natural, non-posed approach to wedding photography. I’m not super into manufacturing things- I just want to capture the relationship between you guys as well.

If you could choose a song to play for the rest of your life what would it be?
I’m one of those people that needs to change up what I’m listening to fairly regularly, otherwise it ends up feeling a little bit stale. However, I can’t see myself getting sick of Angie McMahons amazing voice anytime soon. Her cover of “Helpless” by Neil Young is on very high rotation on my playlist currently.


Visit Georgia Wiggs Photography’s pages to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Georgia Wiggs Photography is a member of the Polka Dot Directory.


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