Polka Dot Bride Turns 13!

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Polka Dot Bride turns thirteen today. Which means thirteen years of weddings and thirteen years of moments in which I write to you about the year that was. Where I express my gratitude, my thoughts. Sometimes, it feels as if I say the same thing every year and I pretty much do, because every single year, I am deeply thankful for what this little website has grown into and what it has brought into my life.

2020 has begun slightly differently here in Australia. The bushfire crises have taken everyone’s attention and have mobilised enormous acts of charity, to coincide with the enormous pain felt. I don’t think there are many Australians who do not know friends or family who have lost everything, been evacuated, or are faced with rebuilding their lives in some form or another.

In times like these, where it feels like catastrophe, pain and suffering are everywhere you turn, it is hope that keeps us going. And to me, weddings have always represented hope. It is why even in the darkest of my days I have continued to love to write the stories of couples. To share their first dances, their vows. To pour over the photos of their first looks, their moments with parents and family. Because the very act of marrying is a symbol of hope. Of a dream for a life together, of many years spent in each other’s company, of a dream for something more. For the future to unfold with that person beside you. Of a life filled with moments that are beautiful and love-filled.

And it is an appreciation of the beauty of weddings. Of the artisans who work hard to create the imagery, the fresh floral bouquets, the incredible cakes, the beautiful gowns. The people who work with their passions to help you tell your own unique story.

In a world where it sometimes feels like everything is going a little haywire, it is hope and beauty that is the balm, the chicken soup and the hot cup of tea, that makes every day worth getting up for. In the midst of it all, it is hope, at least for me, that keeps me moving forward. It is the stories, the trust that life will get better and will sort itself out.

So for every year that has been, and every year that is to be, I will stop on this day and say thank you.

Thank you to the patterned people for being amazing, strong, dynamic women. Who take the vision I have and run with it making into their own, who make me laugh and make me proud every single day. This is as much a milestone for them, as it is for me and the congratulations for another year goes very much their way too.

To our advertisers who choose to spend their dollars with us and trust in us. Who we want to shout from the rooftops about, who inspire us with their incredible talent, their incredible passion and the effort they put into each and every wedding day.

To the readers who show up and chat to us, who pour over the pictures and stories, who inspire us as they create their own beautiful days. Who allow us to share their stories, their happiness, their not so great moments and the most intimate, raw moments of their lives.

Life goes by so quickly, and I refuse to let a significant milestone, for letting something that has brought so much hope into my life, which has brought so much joy – pass by without a celebration.

Today, we’ve got a (beautiful, stunning) cake (made by Miss Ladybird Cakes, always an inspiration to us) and we’re taking a pause to thank you for being here.

I never take a moment of this journey for granted.



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