Piper & Ezra’s Romantic Coastal Engagement Session

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Piper and Ezra

Weekends are for lazy days beside the sea. They’re for windswept walks when the wind is chilly, for sitting and contemplating life’s biggest challenges on isolated headlands. For breathing in the fresh air and letting your skin take on the spray from crashing waves.

And so, could I love today’s coastal engagement session photographs more? With the talented Fran Jorgensen behind the camera, each shot captures that salty, relaxed seaside bliss. This, as it turns out, is the story of Piper and Ezra.

The pair began their tale in high school, brought together by grief. They share “We met in high school – Piper was in year 10 and Ezra was in year 12. We met in the school gym when our two best friends introduced us, and months flew by where we were both too nervous to exchange numbers. Tragically, on the 21st of June 2016, we lost a beautiful young woman, she was a mutual friend of both of ours. Our high school was quick to set up a grieving room in which students who were suffering as a result of her death could go to clear their headspace or speak to a counsellor. For two weeks, we found ourselves in this grieving room, leaning on each other for support. From that moment on, we became best friends and were inseparable. The rest is history!”

The beautiful back beach in Flinders set the scene for this story. “We LOVE the beach. We have spent so much time in our relationship and so many special moments together and with our families down on the coast of Victoria – so the location of our photoshoot has a lot of meaning to us, but we have to give credit to our photographer, Fran. She suggested the Flinders back beach and we were BLOWN away at how gorgeous it was – even on a gloomy day. We also wanted a more casual, candid approach to our photoshoot, and Fran definitely nailed the vibe.”

On what he loves about Piper, Ezra tells “Everything. I love her caring nature, her confidence, her selflessness. Her love, passion and motivation to express herself in so many different ways. The way she loves her family and everybody in her life and will do anything to ensure their happiness and wellbeing before her own… And that’s just to list a few.”

The pair fell in love with photographer Fran. “Over the course of the last few months when we first met Fran after searching for so long to find a wedding photographer, it really feels like she isn’t just our photographer, she is a friend, too. She is warm-hearted and kind – she brings these traits with her everywhere she goes and applies them to her work flawlessly. Her photographs capture the proper, candid love between couples and families. Even if you don’t know the family in the pictures she takes, she makes it easy to feel attached!”

“Ezra is a very unique character,” remarks Piper. ” He has always stood out to me. He is the most selfless person I have ever met, and he is so loving and sweet, a true gentleman. He also has the ability to make absolutely anybody laugh until they cry. I love his little smirks when he tries not to laugh at my hilarious jokes. I love how persistent and resilient he is. This man will get up and try again over and over, despite what life throws at him, and it’s very inspiring.”

“We both shared the same values – spiritually – and we’d both known this from the beginning of our relationship which was a super young age (15 & 17). We spoke about marriage very early, earlier than most people would even think about it. I guess that’s because we knew what we wanted! It is SO cheesy and so many people say it, but when you know, you know. Getting engaged was the best day of our lives so far… that’s because we haven’t had our wedding yet.”

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