Susie & Ian: Stories From 40 Years Of Marriage

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I’ll never hold myself out, as someone who does not take advice, does not take words of wisdom from those who have gone before, SO for The Memories Issue we really couldn’t think of anything more apt, than to take some time out, with couples who have already travelled the marriage path. Who have become that vision we all hold hope of when we tie the knot, who have years, and sadness and joy, and laughter and tears between them.

So today, we are so very honoured to be able to introduce you to Susie & Ian.

The pair were photographed recently during a family session with Will & Co Photography and today, we’ve asked them about their amazing forty years of marriage together, on how they’ve lasted the years, on each other and importantly, what advice they have for you, those yet to tie the knot. Read on to meet them!

Polka Dot Bride: How long have you been married?

Susie & Ian: 40 years. We were married on the 21st of May 1979.

PDB: How did you originally meet?

Susie & Ian:  Ian and his crew ferried a Qantas 707 into Adelaide before returning to Sydney as passengers on a domestic flight. The Qantas rep who met the aircraft was Bert, an old friend of Ian’s, they had been based together in Mexico years before and while busily arranging a future heavy weekend together an Ansett Ground Hostess known to Bert wandered by and Bert introduced her telling her that the crew was “ passengering domestic” back to Sydney. What a lovely girl Susie turned out to be; she took Ian and the crew into the Ansett VIP lounge and ensured they were well cared for during the layover. Admittedly she did seem a little terse when the crew’s TAA flight to Sydney was called having somehow mistakenly assumed they were travelling on Ansett.

But Ian was already enamoured and organised another similar flight into Adelaide planning to spend a couple of days with Bert and hopefully running into Susie once more before returning home to Sydney. But it all turned to mush! Ian’s aircraft was diverted to Singapore and another Captain took it on Adelaide. He didn’t even know Susie’s second name let alone how to contact her. All he could do was to scribble a note to Bert, for the other Captain to pass on, apologising to Bert for being a no-show and asking him to tell Susie that he loved her and should she ever fancy a weekend in Sydney she should contact him.

PDB: How did you become engaged?

Susie & Ian: Susie organised a trip to Rome and back on an aircraft that Ian was flying and during a layover in Bangkok Ian had a dose of the guilts and bought a ring and they had an engagement party with the crew in Athens, their next layover.

PDB: When and where was your wedding?

Susie & Ian: We were married in the rather nice gardens belonging to one of Susie’s family in Adelaide.

PDB: What did you wear?

Susie: I wore a John J Hilton flowing cream suit with a small cream veil and the bridesmaids in daffodil yellow off-the-shoulder dresses.

PDB: Who was in your wedding party?

Susie & Ian: Susie’s four young nieces.

PDB: What’s your favourite memory of the day?

Susie & Ian: Being sung out of the Goodwood Football Club very late at night and long after our wedding reception had folded. It was Footy Finals time and all Susie’s mob were mad keen Goodies.

PDB: What do you love about each other?

Susie & Ian: Still trying to figure that one out!

PDB: What are your secrets to a long relationship?

Secrets obviously, but Susie claims hard work is one of them.

PDB: Do you have any advice for newlyweds?

Susie & Ian: “Do it just once and work on it ‘til you fall off the planet. You’ll have to discard a number of things along the way like ego, jealousy, tantrums, skiing, pub crawls and all that sort of stuff but boy is it all worth it!”


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