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Photo by Todd Hunter Mcgaw via How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed By Your Wedding: Tips From One Introvert To Another

If you’re in Victoria, it’s been a bit fo a brutal week, especially when it comes to weddings. And if you’re elsewhere in the country, you may even be preparing for dancing and planning to go ahead. it is a very strange time indeed and one that has us thankful at least that it’s winter and easy to be inside, rather than summer day when the beach calls. This week we’ve seen our final nod to the city come to life, and as we wind down, we’re wishing you all a safe and well weekend, whatever it looks like for you in the middle of 2020’s epic strangeness.

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How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed By Your Wedding: Tips From One Introvert To Another

If you’ve postponed your wedding until 2021, now is a brilliant time to get planning all those bits and pieces you thought you might run out of time for. So in that vein, today’s film of the week comes to you from the wonderful (and feel good) Native Weddings crew. One of my favourite things from our wedding day is the film, so I’m always going to give you the thumbs up, for capturing your day in motion. Today, we’re sharing Native’s capture of Georgia & Daniel. Enjoy!


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