Yasmin & Matt’s Relaxed Newtown Engagement At Home

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Yasmin & Matt

It is really no secret how much I adore an engagement sessions at home. There is comfort, there is personality, and there is so much ‘you’ within each photo. For Yasmin & Matt, they enlisted Fiona and Bobby Photography to join them at their Newtown home. “We wanted to keep the shoot laid back and as natural as possible” Yasmin explaining. The pair wanting to make the most of their creature comforts.  “We also wanted to show the fun in our personalities, how we often dress the same or wear the same colour. How we like to laugh. Our home and its kookiness and weird crap. We wanted the photos to be a memory of that perfect place in time.”

And I’ve got to say, it seems this laid back, comfortable utterly themselves style is a running theme for these two – because they became engaged over the most romantic meal of all – microwave pizza! Yasmin explaining “The proposal took place over a badly microwaved pizza meal, during a “soundcheck” setting up for a chilly festival. Lucky for Matt the run-down restaurant just happened to be located in a castle, in a small lakeside village, in the Tuscan region of Italy. So it was kinda romantic.”

As for how these two met? We’re handing over to their story, from their wedding website for this one. “Once upon a time in a land far far away, a young man in a Khaki onesie was going for a simple leisurely stroll through a music festival campground on the day before his 27th birthday, this young boy happened to stumble into the campsite of 3 mermaids, glittering up for an undersea adventure. Together they ventured out into a fun filled day of music and festivities. The pair bonded over hair, makeup, nail polish and generally being fancy.

As the night progressed, the clock struck midnight, an offering of kofta balls in Yasmin’s mouth was enough for her to fall for a man in a kimono.”

Short version: we met at Meredith music festival. Yasmin was dressed as a mermaid, Matt in a knitted khaki onesie (which later became a Kimono). He brought her food, she painted his nails. It was true love.”


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