Articles by Robyn Pattison CMC

Oh, Dad….don’t cry. It’s ok.Yes, she looks beautiful, doesn’t she? I know. It feels like yesterday that she was a tiny baby – and now, she’s getting married! Where did all those years go? It’s all a bit much to take in, isn’t it? You aren’t giving her up. You just have to share her. […]

Big weddings are better than small weddings aren’t they?No! Not necessarily. Yes, certainly, I have performed – and been a real part of – some incredibly beautiful bigger weddings. Some that moved me to tears. Some that had me skipping away in absolute delight….. and some that felt more like there was only 3 of […]

Dear groomsmen,Wow!  You scrub up well! Guys always do look fantastic in a suit. I hope you feel as good as you look. But take those sunglasses off. Now. And take your hands out of your pockets. That’s better.No, we really don’t have time for a quick beer before the ceremony, so put it away. […]