Articles by Robyn Pattison CMC

One of the questions I am asked most often, when couples first contact me about their wedding ceremonies is “do you do rehearsals?”. Well, yes, I do – of course, I do – if you want one. Wedding rehearsals are not for everyone. There are reasons for and against. Here are some things to consider […]

Ok, so nobody really wants rain on their wedding day, do they?We all imagine a perfectly bright, sunny, blue sky under which to say our “I do’s” or exit the church. We want to enjoy sunshine while we have our photos taken. We can choose almost every part of our wedding day and we spend […]

Errr no. She’s not. And for very, very good reasons. Let’s start with your guests, all of whom arrived before the ceremony, to be on time for you. They are waiting for you … 50, 100, 150 or more people, eagerly awaiting the party to start. At first, they are excited. They mill around and […]