Articles by Adam Brunes

Image by Emma Holcroft from Giddy Up Camera Club via Ashleigh & Saurav’s Elegant Country WeddingWhen it comes to the ‘Big Day’, a groom can be forgiven for thinking his biggest input lies in showing up with the rings and not smelling of whiskey! Admittedly, many of the milestone moments, such as walking down the aisle […]

Image by Stephen Govel Photography via Maree and Julian’s Intimate Hayman Island Wedding.By the time your wedding day rolls around, with everything planned and triple checked, I expect there aren’t many surprises left in store for your bride. But I think I may have come up with five ways to take her breath away all over […]

For 32-year-old celebrant Oliver Thomson, meeting his brides-and-grooms-to-be for the first time is a bit like awkward Tinder dating. “I don’t have a picture to go by so I sit with a beer and slightly raise my eyebrows at any couple who walks in the door,” Oliver says. “If it’s the couple I’m waiting for, […]