Articles by Adam Brunes

The historic origins of wedding anniversaries date back to the Holy Roman Empire, when 25 years of marriage would earn a wife a silver wreath and 50 years saw a business-class upgrade to gold. Yep, that’s right, European lady-killers in the Middle Ages are to blame for your anniversary anxiety and annual AmEx assault! That and […]

Image by Marcus Bell of Studio Impressions from Rachel and Lai’s Stylish Yandina Station Wedding.Are you wondering how to be the best best man about town? By the time your best mate’s wedding rolls around you probably feel like you’ve already put in the hard yards, but the actual day itself is the most important of […]

Image by Pictures and Hearts Wedding PhotographyTo assist you with penning the perfect prose for your wedding day vows, we’ve compiled our top 10 musings on love from the greatest romeos of all time.Take note boys: these are the silver-tongued casanovas from classic literature, poetry, music and film who were penetrating your fiancé’s dreams long […]