Articles by Alicia Parsons (Akimbo)

Solid perfume tutorial

 I never feel properly ‘put together’ for a special occasion until I put on perfume. Get big day ready with these adorable diy solid perfume pots.You’ll need: Solid beeswax (I bought mine from Queen B) Olive oil (or other carrier oil such as jojoba) Your choice of essential oils (I used ylang ylang and grapefruit, […]

Before you rush out and buy a guest book for your reception, take a moment to remember that your guests have likely already penned their wishes in the form of an engagement card and wedding card.Consider an alternative to the traditional guest book in the form of marriage advice cards. Sourcing the best words of […]

Chalkboard table numbers

.Table numbers are an often overlooked detail of your reception decor. But by the time your thoughts turn to those finishing touches you might have run out of time (or steam!) to do anything overly complicated.Here is a ridiculously simple but cute way to jazz up store-bought mini chalkboards.1. Simply apply fabric tape to the […]