Articles by Bec Lawrence

Image via Zee and Cee Studio The day I met Blake is a bit of an odd story and if you had told me then that he was the man I’d marry, I never would have believed you. We were at a mutual friends Christmas party, I was an awkward sixteen-year-old and he an overly confident […]

Image via Britt & Mitch’s Beach Wedding by Bulb CreativeAttention all music lovers, now that you’ve found the one who moves to the same beat it’s time to share your passion for music internationally! We have put together some of our top recommendations for music lovers looking to indulge on their honeymoon.MemphisHow could we share […]

Image via Imgur Japan is a magical place and is one of the few countries that doesn’t seem to go into hibernation over winter. There are winter festivals and beautiful natural beauties sprinkled with snow to make you fall even more in love. With that being said, Japan is the ideal location to get cosy with […]