Articles by Bec Lawrence

Image via Travel with BenderImagine being in a city full of history. A city beside the deep blue ocean. You may have seen it on Game of Thrones. What city do I mean? Dubrovnik in Croatia. The sea-side city Dubrovnik is a member of the ten best preserved medieval walled cities in the world. The […]

On visiting the whimsical Nerd Burger blog you will instantly notice a pop of colour and a sense of quirkiness.  Here you’ll find a celebration of all things ‘nerdy’ and an infectious love of comic books. The lovely lady behind the business is Cazz and we were so excited to sit down and share a […]

Image Via Five Star Alliance Italy is known for fabulous foods and an amazing culture but the country does have one secret – The Italian Riviera. Along the Rivera are fishermen towns, colourful buildings and a life of luxury that is now about to be uncovered. Let’s take a look at what a honeymoon on […]