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Real bride Barbra in our ‘Maggie’ Bertossi Brides gown – White Pearl photographyThe perfect veil for the modern bride is certainly a difficult decision. There are a multitude of options and styles to choose from and knowing what best suits vs. what is on trend is a fine line. Lengthy, flowing and decorated veils have […]

It is important to be yourself on your wedding day. Just because a gown suits you doesn’t mean you should wear it if it makes you feel uncomfortable, however good it looks! I always say to our brides that you want to look like a slightly more glamorous version of ‘YOU’ as you walk down […]

Image by Joseph and Jessey Fraser At Paddington Weddings, our brides ask us all the time whether wearing a veil is the ‘thing’ at the moment. In our opinion, the right veil can really help to finish off the look of your gown – but sadly, the wrong veil can ruin it.Often brides will have […]