Articles by Rita of Blooming Brides

Colour, fragrance, form… and texture. Every species shines in different ways and capturing the features of each is what fun floristry is about. I loved doing this green and brown succulent and foliage wedding back in September. The bouquet took me over two hours to wire, but it was worth it.Photography by Blooming BridesMs Gingham […]

Perhaps the most exciting thing in flowers in recent times is the trend towards letting flowers just do their thing: “like they were just picked out of a garden”. I hear it from so many clients – and I feel so relieved as I am reluctant to torture flowers into heavily manipulated designs. We are […]

I love having an opportunity to do weddings in native blooms. ‘Native’ doesn’t always mean endemic to Australia. Many of the varieties we think of as “Australian natives”, for instance proteas, actually originated in South Africa and South America, but their distant relatives could be traced back to the original supercontinent Gondwana that joined with […]