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Brent and CJWeddings are funny things. I am so pleased we have such a plethora of beautiful photography that has documented our special day, because I fear that without it I would remember very little before 7pm of that night. For those of you who are married you will probably understand this quite well, for […]

Some weddings you leave with glazed nuts …  the almond kind. The plan for ours is to have our guests leave with a fresh commemorative beverage. I am an enthusiastic home-brewer and whilst my skill base is by no means even ‘adept’ I continue to surprise myself by creating delicious concoctions for a fraction of […]

Image from Brent’s collectionI’ve decided that iPhones are a bad idea for people like myself.Permit me to explain..I am that person, everyone knows, who has ridiculous ideas and absurd suggestions that most people leave and pass off as impracticable – however, I tend to actualize them (friends roll their eyes at me a lot). I also get easily over-excited, […]