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Here at Cherry Cakes we love a Black tie event. Honestly anything to get out of the chefs whites and into a dress is a real treat! It’s such a good feeling to get dressed up and go to a special event. When it comes to black tie events however your outfit isn’t the only […]

One way to be environmentally conscious when picking your wedding cake is to go with a vendor that uses local and seasonal ingredients. This is an easy and practical way to reduce or carbon footprint when it comes to your big day!Plenty of cake makers have different cakes and flavours for different seasons to take […]

When it comes to planning your dream cake, it’s important to take into account seasonality. We think of clothes, menu, drinks lists, and styles for weddings as seasonal, but often forget about the cakes! In the same way you wouldn’t wear a winter dress to a spring wedding, I like to think of cakes as […]