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Adam and I met in high school, but it wasn’t until we graduated that we got together. After 10 years of adventures together Adam asked me to marry him on a romantic evening under Sydney’s Harbour Bridge.Being part of the design team at Dandi, I knew that when it came to organizing the Wedding the details […]

This is a DIY sewing project to make a tea bag wallet, a perfect gift for a Kitchen Tea present.MaterialsPiece of fabric for the exterior, 21cm x 30cm Piece of fabric for the interior, 21cm x 30cm Fusible interfacing, 21cm x 30cm (optional) Fancy button or fabric covered button 22cm Ribbon or Lace trimming Small […]

Image: DandiWe recently decided to have a DIY challenge amongst the four Dandi ladies, and wanted the challenge to be one that was environmentally friendly, fun and useful! After throwing around a couple of ideas it was decided that each of us would go home and find a pair of old shoes that we no […]