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Andrew and DesireeDuring the wedding preparation months, me and bridesmaids were joking around about the worst things that can happen on the wedding day (i.e missing rings, wedding cake toppled, catering drama, etc), and guess what, we could not find the rings until 1 hour prior to the ceremony and the priest had a flat […]

Andrew and DesireeI think the most memorable part of how we got engaged was before Andrew proposed, he called my dad who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia to ask for my hand in marriage. The bad phone reception definitely did not help with the language barrier. Andrew had been rehearsing on how he will ask my […]

Andrew and DesireeAndrew proposed after we were together for about 1.5 years. We did talk about growing old together etc but nothing concrete was ever discussed and I was under the impression that it would not happen for quite some time. A few months before the proposal, we traveled to Africa and everyone was convinced […]