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For me, marriage is trust, openness, respect, compromise, and support. It is a union and a celebration from our wedding day forwards. It is having someone standing by your side to share in the warmth of the sunshine and to weather the storms life brings. On our wedding day we were lucky enough to be […]

Modest Miniature Roses, Freesias and Baby’s Breath. Photography by Anitra Keogh Let’s face it when it comes to weddings you want to have your dream day… but it all comes at a price. Here’s some of our advice on what to think about when choosing flowers and how to make your budget for flowers go […]

All things vintage the quintessential Flos Florum Bridal bouquetBy the time summer is on our doorstep traditional field grown Garden Roses enjoying the late spring sunshine and tease of summer warmth make a welcome appearance for the full, flouncy and perfectly pretty November brides. And as December creeps closer to the start of the New Year […]