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This winter, we’re loving all our delicious, locally sourced produce  – think rustic root vegetables, figs, nuts and premium cuts of meat!! Our new Winter tasting menu takes advantage of the best seasonal fare – here are our favourites:Grilled beef fillet – the colours and presentation of this dish come second to the taste of […]

At Inglewood Inn, our mantra has always been that every wedding should be a unique and personal celebration that embody all of the bride’s and groom’s beliefs. When we were approached by a couple who were after an all vegan-friendly menu, we were all excited – particularly the chef – to work on something new and challenging.One […]

As we start the New Year, we’ve already found that our diaries are filling up quickly – places to go, people to see and plans to be made! Sometimes we only have five minutes for a quick chat, even if it’s just to say Hi. This week, with the launch of our new feature, we […]