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What pairs better together than coffee and cake? Not much! They are a match made in heaven, and adding a little booze to the equation on a Friday sounds pretty good to us.In celebration of our dedicated Cake Month on Polka Dot Bride, we asked our good friends over at Gathering Events for an espresso […]

The simple combination of fresh ingredients makes this the perfect cocktail for warmer nights. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice over lime, mint, white rum and a dash of soda – you can’t get more refreshing than that. Traditionally a taller style Collins glass is used for white spirits cocktails such as this and best part is […]

HIBISCUS GIN SOURHave you heard – gin is all the rage right now, and it’s one of our faves! This twist on a classic gin sour cocktail by our talented mates at Gathering Events is an easy, light and super refreshing choice for anytime of the year. The hibiscus adds sweetness and complements the gin […]