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Gathering Events’ Old FashionedThe original cocktail. Dating back to the 1850’s, the Old Fashioned is a simple yet impressive classic. It’s a great way to dress up your favourite whiskey, bourbon or rum, using only a few ingredients and served over ice, the idea of this cocktail is to really showcase the spirit. As this […]

What pairs better together than coffee and cake? Not much! They are a match made in heaven, and adding a little booze to the equation on a Friday sounds pretty good to us.In celebration of our dedicated Cake Month on Polka Dot Bride, we asked our good friends over at Gathering Events for an espresso […]

The simple combination of fresh ingredients makes this the perfect cocktail for warmer nights. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice over lime, mint, white rum and a dash of soda – you can’t get more refreshing than that. Traditionally a taller style Collins glass is used for white spirits cocktails such as this and best part is […]