Articles by Heather Harlowe

As a dedicated writer for Polka Dot Groom, I have seen many bow ties in my day. From a pink paisley tie to a camo printed neck bow—I thought every fabric under the sun had already been fashioned into a beautiful bow tie by a talented designer somewhere. But then I stumbled across the creative […]

As they always say, fashion is a cycle and there’s no better brand to prove that than The Charlie Tinker Collective. Delicately hand-crafting ties from vintage fabrics, this Melbourne based brand makes what is old, new again, with the most dapper of vintage bow tie designs.Started in 2010, the brand is led by Jazz Flutist, […]

As a fashion fan with a penchant for anything shiny, silky or delicately draped in lace, when the opportunity arose for a private viewing of Anna Campbell’s latest collection, Belle Ivoire – you can only imagine my sheer delight! Held at Anna’s beautiful Brunswick boutique, the viewing allowed me a first look at the newest […]