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Image by Stewart Ross via Emma and Alex’s Rustic Rainy Brisbane WeddingI woke up this winter morning to a rainbow, sunshine and fresh wet lawn, and the thought struck me – why more brides don’t choose winter as their choice of wedding season?I know I know… there is a risk it might rain!!! However as […]

Image by Ben AdamsOutdoor ceremonies on a beach, high on a hilltop, overlooking the bay or even in a majestic park can be absolutely breathtaking, there is no question about it. However, ensuring one’s guests are focused on the couple making their promises rather than the scenic vista is no easy feat! While not guaranteeing […]

A surprise wedding can be so much fun but it is a lesson in logistics to pull it off successfully.The core element of success is obviously creating the surprise in the first place. If 99% of the guests there know a wedding is about to take place, it technically isn’t a surprise!So how do you […]