Articles by Lovereel Films

Amber-lee had her eye on Jack the minute she scrolled through his Instagram profile. One night out at the pub where Jack worked, she gave him a cheeky double-tap — on the bum (not on the ‘gram) and made the first move on what is now a forever promise.A walk down the aisle, a walk […]

Wedding videography is so powerful in the way it brings all those beautiful memories of your wedding day flooding back. There’s nothing like seeing your day in motion and hearing all the joyous moments played back to you. Today, we chat to the talented videography team at Lovereel about why having a videographer on your […]

Tucked away into the peaceful quiet of The Farm in Byron Bay, Renee and Jake made their love official in front of their nearest and dearest.Surrounded by petals and the soft sounds of local artist Nick Cunningham’s love songs, the two exchanged their vows, their rings, the first kiss and a happy smile. Twirling into […]