Articles by Lovereel Films

She is beauty, she is grace… As Emily walks down the steps of Bradley’s Head Amphitheatre it’s as if time comes to a hold. Captivated by her effortless elegance, friends and family cheered as the pair made their love official in a breezy seaside ceremony in front of Sydney’s stunning skyline.Promising each other eternal laughs […]

By the sea, and under the sun… Tess and David promised each other their forever love in front of their dearest ones at Dunbar House on the shores of Watsons Bay in Sydney. Embarking on a new chapter of their relationship, with the gentle sounds of strings in the background.Celebrating in one of Australia’s oldest […]

Two white dresses, billowing in the light sea breeze. Melissa and Michaela’s wedding day at Green Point Reserve in Watsons Bay couldn’t have been more perfect. In an intimate ceremony, the pair promised each other safety and unconditional love and to always remember how lucky they are to have each other. To listen, to love, […]