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Image via Wedding WoofSo you think that Brides always wore white wedding dresses? Think again.Traditionally brides wore blue as it was considered to be the colour of purity, but in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert she broke all the rules and wore white, this was considered to be new and very different so […]

I saw a picture on the web page of a lady with her back to us and in her hair is a brooch. I’m pretty sure it’s not a comb or hair clip. It reminded me of a show we did a couple of years ago in the UK. The fashion shoot for the show […]

1. A truly wonderful place to spend your Honeymoon, it’s the St Regis Hotel in Florence Italy and it simply drips Chic and elegance. Imagine soaking in the atmosphere here.2. Diamonds. One of the greatest joys for us is when we pick diamonds for our engagement and wedding rings. There’s something about sorting through them […]