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After seeing so many beautiful weddings at Providence Gully, here are three things I would love my couples to know before they tie the knot:Be realistic with DIY. As our venue allows couples to create a day that suits their style and personality, this usually involves some kind of DIY project. I absolutely love seeing […]

What is your favourite wedding theme?Hard one to answer as I am like a kid in a lollie shop when it comes to choosing but given that we are in Winter I guess a wildly colourful ‘fiesta theme’ – decorations, food, music & dancing!What inspires you?Every new day.What is special about weddings to you?They’re a time of […]

At Providence Gully we have a wonderful Pomegranate orchard and I have combined my favourite double chocolate biscuits with chunks of Pomegranate Turkish Delight in this recipe for you. I love using produce from the garden, and of course eggs from my happy hens; the kitchen aroma whilst these biscuits were cooking was just yummy!Ingredients:150g […]