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Image by Harvard Wang via Groom Style – TimWedding means the union of the bride and groom. Although the focus tends to be on the bride we shouldn’t forget to include the groom in this wonderful project. It is his wedding too you know! I’m sure deep down guys would appreciate to be included in […]

Image by Moss Green Images via Brisbane “Goes Green” At Eco Wedding Fair – Planning A Sustainable And Vegan WeddingA wedding planner is your best bet to a successful wedding day. Let’s face it; they are professionals dedicated to providing your dream wedding day. It’s their passion. They love it. Here are some reasons why […]

Image by Studio3 Photography via Weddings By MaxiMyPlanning a wedding can be a challenging task. It’s a major undertaking indeed. It can be so overwhelming that it is quite easy to make mistakes which can cause you big headaches later. Let’s have a look at some common wedding planning mistakes to avoid them while planning […]