Whether you’re planning a wedding that’s in winter or warm weather, on a farm, in the city or by the sea, the first place to start when selecting a suit is Australian Merino wool. For centuries wool has been the fibre of choice for suiting, and while superb suits can be crafted from alternatives like […]

Should all blue bridal party suits be strictly navy?To put it simply, absolutely not! The beauty of blue is its versatility and range. You will be able to wear it after your wedding day too, to a range of occasions. From classic midnight to playful pastels, there’s a shade of blue for every occasion. There are […]

As the weather heats up, so too does your social diary: spring weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, days at the races, work parties and a range of other events are headed your way (yay!). If you’re ready to hit spring with a renewed sense of gentlemanly style, the team at InStitchu – Australia’s premier custom, made-to-measure […]