Articles by Jaime Macmillan

Nothing screams ‘honeymoon’ more than the Caribbean. Crystal clear water, snow-white sand, a tropical backdrop, rum punch and a laid-back atmosphere. Perfection!What’s especially great about the Caribbean is that the collection of 7000 islands that make up this region (only 10% are inhabited) all vary from one to the next – in culture, influences, activities […]

Apple, pear, hourglass – most women tend to know what object or edible item their body best resembles. But what about you gents? Do men even have body shapes apart from big and small, lanky and stout? Well yes, they do, and it’s not as straightforward as you may think.Recently, Debenhams popularised the use of […]

Norway is famous for its Fjords, The Northern Lights and Vikings. This beautiful and picturesque country is a wonderful honeymoon option, particularly for couples who love the great outdoors. Oslo is the capital of Norway and much like all of Scandinavia, is an incredibly cosmopolitan city filled with many a cultural delight. However, when travelling […]