Articles by Jaime Macmillan

A honeymoon in Copenhagen Denmark is certainly worth considering. Denmark is the most affordable Scandinavian country. As the only Scandinavian country connected to mainland Europe, it also has the most temperate climate, similar to cities like London and Amsterdam. If you’re a music lover, Denmark could be the perfect destination for you as it has […]

Image by Eric Ronald via Rin and Joe’s Handmade Melbourne WeddingPom poms are a popular decoration choice at weddings, although they are usually of the paper variety. Have you ever considered including the classic woollen pom pom at your nuptials? Rin and Joe did and so am I! After having a life long obsession with […]

Everyone is waiting for the first glimpse of ‘the dress’ but grooms, what about you? This is also your big day to revel in, it’s your chance to bask in sartorial glory in a suit that makes you feel amazing and better yet, you’ll probably get to wear your suit many times over – lucky!While […]