Articles by James Harvie of James Harvie Photography

The wedding day schedule. If you’re a bride to be I bet those 3 words send your pulse racing! Planning your wedding schedule is no easy feat and just when you think you have it all down pat along comes Aunt Bessy with her own elaborate explanation of what you should and shouldn’t do.But it’s your […]

Image by James Harvie PhotographyNow lets get one thing straight here. This big wedding day Shabanza is not just about your stunning sexy lady right? Yea us blokes need to get in on some of the action too. So many times I come across a groom whose nerves make him as jumpy as can be and then […]

Ah the humble wedding ring. Just so many cute designs to choose from. You want your ring to represent your personality and you want it to last the test of time. For the blokes there are some awesome bold designs that can really make your man look good. Here is a peek at some of […]