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My dress was created by the super talented Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino from J’Aton Couture for our ‘New York Chic’ Wedding (that was actually held in Melbourne, Australia). I have always loved their work and am always in awe of everything they create.Before I met with them, I went to a few different bridal designers […]

Justina & Wes As soon as Wes and I got engaged and before we even started thinking about our wedding, we were already planning our honeymoon! Wes and I love to travel, but neither of us had been to the Caribbean. In fact we didn’t really know that much about the Caribbean apart from seeing beautiful photos […]

Justina and WesWes and I got engaged after six years of meeting each other through mutual friends. We both share a passion and enthusiasm for travel and have been lucky enough to visit many beautiful places around the world together during our relationship, with NYC being our favourite city in the world. However, we had […]