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So you’ve decided. The wedding theme is… Sparkle. It’s going to be reflected in your dress, your jewels, your shoes and your styling. Oh and fairy lights. Lots of fairy lights.But how do you extend it to your cake? While of course you can adorn your cake in embellishments (gems, jewels, glitter, fairy dust, you […]

Whether it be a wedding favour, a tasty treat for your hens day or bridal shower, or something sweet to serve at the engagement party, everyone day is brightened with a little glitter. Or you could just make them for the one you love. Here is my recipe for gorgeous glitter gingerbread biccies – the […]

I must admit that I love tradition. I enjoy learning why different cultures have their own traditions and what they mean. Why do we celebrate Halloween? Why is it called “Boxing Day”? Why do we eat Chocolate Easter Eggs?It was very common practise for my parents generation, that the top tier of the wedding cake […]