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After a long journey, we finally arrived at Yamanouchi. Craig Shaw, our English-speaking liaison from Snow Monkey Japan picked up us from Yudanaka train station and took our weary selves to Biyu no Yado, the ryokan (or Japanese inn) where we would be staying during our visit. Craig also works at Biyu no Yado, which […]

After our mini honeymoon, it was time to make a decision for our real honeymoon. By early February we knew that we wanted to go to Japan and started making plans for our trip. We booked our tickets, hotels and planned which places we would visit. On March 11th, Northeastern Japan was hit by earthquake […]

After having our two-day wedding in October, we chose to hold off going on our honeymoon straight after the wedding. We chose to do this for a couple of reasons, one was that we decided it was better, financially to wait for the next year to go. The main one, however, was that during the […]