Articles by Jessica Derrick

When I heard Polka Dot Bride was celebrating all things ‘cake’ this month, I’m not going to lie, I was a little excited. A cake, in any form is a celebration, simply by virtue of its being. A birthday cupcake delivered by a thoughtful friend, a Christmas Cake shared with loved ones and of course, […]

When it comes to wedding decor, inspiration can arrive in so many different ways. Sometimes I’m inspired by a wedding I have seen on Polka Dot Bride, flipping through Instagram or in the pages of a bridal magazine.  Other times I’m inspired by other events I attend in person and think ‘that looks beautiful, I […]

We’ve all been there.  After the wedding ceremony, enjoying a champagne or two while the bridal party are off doing their thing with the photographer.  It’s not the time to eat large amounts of food, especially when the main food event is oh-so close.  But you do feel like something.  Something small and tasty and […]