Articles by Jessica Derrick

Olive branches are a thing of simple beauty. Their smooth deep green leaves with contrasting silvery grey undertones provide a serene colour palate for a wedding – especially when paired with a soft peach or rose gold.This DIY olive branch wreath tutorial is a brilliant way of easily and economically incorporating greenery into your big day. […]

Imagine you’re at a friend or family member’s wedding and for you, it has been a big day. From hair, makeup and making sure your outfit is ‘just right’, to witnessing the emotion of the ceremony and the ‘in-between’ quiet time before the reception. You make your way to your seat and there on the […]

Sylvia and LewSylvia and Lew Meldrum met for the first time one night at midnight, in the summer of 1955 at the Greenmount Guesthouse. In Sylvia’s words, she was ‘straight-up impressed’ by Lew and could tell he was a good man. Lew asked Sylvia to join him at a New Year’s Eve party on the […]