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Image from P Johnson TailorsOk, so I know that thus far, a lot of my posts have had a “do what’s best for you” kind of vibe about them, and I still stand by all the content of my previous wedding scribbling. However, when it comes to suits, I find very little room for such […]

You are warmly invited to the folding, printing, sticking, cutting and posting of our wedding invitations. Yep, I will admit, I usually have eyes that are way too big for my stomach, (and by stomach I mean time, money, manpower etc. etc.) and this was no different. Mind you, I am convinced that by taking […]

Image courtesy of Fi Fy Fo Fum Stationery. Ok, so we’re in the middle of trying to work out our guest list at the moment (and I can already feel all the married people cringe) and yes, it is difficult. Both my fiancé and I have big families, lots of cousins, cousin’s husbands and wives, […]