Articles by Karen Hardy

Photo by AJ PhotographyThe only thing I remember laughing about on my wedding day was my cake toppers.That may sound a bit dramatic but in wedding reality there will be drama, tears and acceptance that some things, including last minute no shows and guilty latecomers – are out of your control. So you really need […]

“The Great Gatsby” theme is one which has done the rounds of the wedding circuit over the last eighteen months. A beautiful art deco style that truly emulates luxury. The jewellery, the cars and the fashion are all old world treasures that transcend into this century and will continue to do so long into the […]

Photo by Mark Janzen Photography via June Bug WeddingsThere are those that believe and try to convince you to also believe that children at a wedding are “full of magic” and “wonder” and “including them in your special day will add magic and wonder!” While I have looked on at weddings where children were included […]