Articles by Maddi Isabella

If you’re looking for a way to bring a bit more of your personality into your already dashing suit on your wedding day it may be as simple as sunglasses!CJ Blanx specialise in custom mens sunglasses with all pairs individually made to add some of your own character and style. With over 160,000 style variations […]

I will admit that a relaxing honeymoon in England was something that had never crossed my mind. It was in a conversation with an English girlfriend of mine that I discovered the true beauty and tranquility that is hidden in the valleys of England. Cotswold was her first suggestion when I asked about an ideal […]

Are you a quiffer? Or a short and textured? Or a dapper?No matter what hair style is ‘in fashion’, Jack the Snipper’s Original Styling Creme is bringing that old school style back to life.The classic creme is easy to apply to wet or dry hair, and it can hold a sleek corporate style or a […]