Articles by Miss T

1. We don’t need to get married to ‘sanctify’ our relationships any more, or to allow us to live together or have children. But we keep getting married. It must be because there is something inherently valuable in it, at least for those who choose to do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s […]

Luke and RachelThe absolute best thing about being married is being married.Some couples are perfectly happy to be committed for life without getting married and this in no way means that their relationship is any less loving, permanent or valued (and sadly, some committed couples are still denied the right to choose whether to marry […]

Mr and Mrs BuzzThe day has been and gone, and in this in-between time when we have gone back to our normal lives but still await our professional photographs and film, it seems a good time to reflect on being engaged, being a bride, and being a wife – and what our wedding day was […]