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Not everyone gets to have two honeymoons, but we were lucky enough to do just that. And after planning our wedding in 5 short months, we felt we deserved it!!The compromise we made, by having a surprise wedding – was that we wouldn’t be able to go on a big overseas honeymoon straight away. Logistically […]

Mark and KerrieMark and I woke up and enjoyed breakfast together. We were relaxed, yet excited at the same time. I went to pick up my beautiful flowers from Poppies Flowers, before we took a car load of bits and pieces to the venue.After some lunch, it was time to head to the hairdresser, followed […]

Although our wedding was a little less conventional than normal, I am still an old fashioned girl deep down, and wanted to tick off the old, new, borrowed, blue tradition. I had read somewhere, that borrowing the wedding jewellery of a close girlfriend, who herself is in a happy, loving, supportive marriage, would set a […]