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Over the past two years, Mr Tagg and I have discovered that wedding planning is all about doing whatever makes you happy. Tradition is not set in stone and when it comes to your happiness, you shouldn’t feel bound by rules.Having said that, after a recommendation from our photographers, Bronnie and Adam at Craven Images, […]

Our photographers Bronnie and Adam from Craven ImagesThere is something different about the excitement that fuels wedding plans. It’s a completely different excitement to, say, when you finish school/university, get a new job or go somewhere on a holiday. From the minute you’re engaged, it’s like the wedding powers that be have granted you access […]

Mr Tagg and I met while we were at school. We were a year apart, close friends with giggly teenage crushes but neither of us were game to ask the other out and sadly parted ways once school finished. Two years later, after I strategically took some subjects at uni that required me to borrow […]