Articles by Ms Fleur De Lys

If you’ve planned an epic feast for your wedding you’ll need drinks to complement, not overpower, the food. Think spritely and refreshing cocktails with enough punch to hold their own. That’s why, for “The Feast Issue“, we asked Pontoon to share the secrets to their ‘Kiwi Sour’. The fruit in this uncomplicated tipple provides a […]

We believe in starting the day off, the right way. And we’re also planning on starting today’s cocktail hour – for ‘The Feast Issue‘ – off oh-so-right with this Breakfast of Champions cocktail. Created by recently opened Melbourne city venue Bar Clara, the drink includes eggs, tea, jam, bacon, toast and fruit. This one’s a […]

“I said to the man, ‘are you trying to tempt me? Because I come from the land of plenty!’”– Down Under, Men at Work (1980)We definitely have a sweet and sour temptation for you today. We can’t go past a Friday cocktail hour during the Australia Issue without popping by to visit with the good […]