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I know that a groom’s suit hasn’t been given the same status as the show stopping wedding dress. The experience though, of being fitted by a master tailor like Patrick Johnson is something that should be of high importance for the Grooms and BBs (Best Blokes) out there and quite frankly is a treat that […]

Greece holds claim to an amazing array of beauty. Pretty much anywhere you decide to go is going to leave an impression. From dirty, busy Athens (which boasts the most amazing archeological site in the Acropolis) to the remotest of islands which scatter the ocean all around the mainland.In a last minute attempt to grab […]

Note from Ms Polka Dot : If you’ve been reading Polka Dot Bride for awhile, you’ll know I rarely, if ever take guest posts. Today though, I want to introduce you to the newest Polka Dot Bride team member Ms Gingham. Ms Gingham is our new content manager and is working with all of our […]