Articles by Ms Zebra

Tori & Dave’s Winter WeddingWhen Tori looks back on her candlelit winter wedding, she remembers that it’s important to enjoy the planning stage and don’t get overwhelmed about feeling you need to get every little detail right.“Don’t get bogged down in the detail, focus on the things that matter and do them well; trust all […]

Annabelle & Justin’s Colorful Winter Farm WeddingThis gorgeous Winter Wedding proves why it’s a great decision to steer away from the crowd and embrace all that comes with a winter’s day. Here, bride Annabelle gives her best advice!Don’t stress. Everything works out in the end. If you don’t get the supplier you thought you wanted, […]

When bride to be Kate eloped with her beau Nigel to Palm Cove, the couple did away with all the expectation and pressure of a larger wedding, choosing instead to focus on a few very special guests ” Just relax and don’t take it too seriously! Enjoy being surrounded by your closest friends and family and […]